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Friday, January 19th, 2024

Paramaribo, Suriname

Kindness is how I would describe my treatment from the managers of a quaint temple donated to ISKCON by a sadhu or pandit. The stream of love continues to flow. 'Tot ziens' means ‘good-bye’ in Dutch.


One stop on the way to today’s starting point, in Suriname, was a visit to Shanti’s.  She is a lawyer of a very benevolent kind, offering her space, a home and retreat centre. She just wanted to show us space devotees could use anytime for a study retreat while she lives in the Netherlands. That’s quite sweet!


Now, what happened on foot today?


A carload of rice farmers halted their machine to find out what I was all about. In broken English and Dutch, I tried my best. “Ram” they seemed to know.


As I was 'lopen' ('walking' in Dutch), I came upon many egrets by the canal, and also dozens of deeply rich red-plumaged birds. Their habitat was quite disgusting—a stinking sewage-smelling swamp. I admired one pond of wine-coloured lotuses. You don’t see these things in Canada, at least at this time of year. 


By the way, it does seem the world is getting clobbered these days with floods and snowstorms, especially. Meanwhile in the second half of today, Adi Purusottam drove us to Paramaribo, the nation’s capital, for kirtan, company, and an initiation of Brahminical status.


Congratulations to Archana Murti and Pavitra, two outstanding women.

10 km

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