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Updated: Nov 9

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

Mississauga, Ontario

A friend for many years who has a host of talents, including being a massage therapist, dropped by to catch up on life talks. He is of Jewish descent, and so naturally, we discussed the situation of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. It becomes a complicated issue of hatred. If all would just embrace the universal concept of 'spirit', the tattva that we have no designation as the body, but as the soul within, we could realize a more harmonious world.

My friend is most agitated about the aggressiveness, and so am I. Where are the days of peace, love, and being groovy?

As we were finishing our contemplations and discussions about our restless world, in walked a number of Krishna devotees from the Muskoka area where a new project is underway – a temple/restaurant and residential complex in the tourist city of Huntsville. Naturally, we had our chat about the opening of the project. It is so exciting.

For my final stretch of the day, my Cuban monk companion, Ganganath, Uday, a sincere seeker, and I hopped on the subway train to reach the western-most station. We headed from there on foot for a Gita Chat session at the home of a south Indian couple. It is actually a group of students who relish exploring the Gita. Our studies took us to the opening verses of Chapter 3 on the topic of karma yoga. In essence, this form of yoga leads to bhakti, the devotional side of yoga.

As my Jewish friend from earlier on said, "Practically all yoga teachers in the west have introduced bhakti in the form of kirtan chanting to their clients.

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