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Monday, September 25th, 2023

Brickworks, Ontario

Off we went to Brickworks, one of my face places to stroll for its quietness and greenness (except for now when the leaves autumn up).

"This is the location on the trail where I started my marathon training," I explained to my companions in the car, most notably Partha and Uttama – happily married from BC, and Kalakantha who came on his own from Florida. Our driver is my trusty Gaurav who took us to the Brickworks and one of the 150 ravines in the Toronto area, making it the largest ravine system in any city in the world. "When you enter any one of them, it's hard to imagine you are in an urban sphere," I said.

Happily, we went along. We sited at three different spots baby garter snakes. We also were visited by a large blue heron; it got close and perched itself by the water full of goldfish. We really ended up starring at each other, the bird and us. It didn't seem too interested in the food.

The most important aspect of our walk was the bonding amongst ourselves. Each and everyone of us are busy and have major responsibilities, so this downtime is valuable. Others joined from our community, taking in the shade and sun, and always a piece of Krishna, as well, for we partook in a fabulous little kirtan.

After this midday excursion, drama practice and a Gita Chat on Zoom, I took to a trail once again, and went into another ravine at nighttime.

5 km

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Nima Singh
Nima Singh
Sep 26, 2023

Hare Krishna

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