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Monday, December 11th, 2023

Culver City, USA

Well, the tummy got better. The Pepto Bismol did the trick and restored me back to health during my flight to Los Angelos. Sacinandan was there to greet me at the massive airport, Los Angelos, where I got settled in and accommodated by my good friend and temple president Svavas. 

I had told Svavas that, like a tourist, I wanted to see the hot spots in L.A. In particular, Beverly Hills, and then to the other extreme, the homeless section. It was anticipated that I give the evening Gita class and the morning Bhagavatam class but before that a little bit of “soul strolling in those two pockets” would be nice.

So, a nice devotee (Mexican, I believe) took Ganganath and I to the near neighbourhood. On foot, we blazed an afternoon trail, not to posh Beverly, but the tent city, which resembled a sloppy circus. I’m not new to the homeless scene. We have it in Canada, but as usual in the U.S. everything is bigger and brighter – even the junk. On the other side of Venice Blvd. is where the movies are made. It is chic. I was thrilled to meet Nagara Kirtan, a young walker, who has walked a good portion of west coast trails including the Grand Canyon. We have been in touch with him by phone in the course of his walk, so it was great to see him in person.

It really was lovely to be back with the L.A. community after a long period of absence. In one sense, it doesn;t matter where you are, if you run on the fuel of bhakti and, if needed, a swig of pink P.B., you’ll be okay. 

5 km

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