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Sunday, April 14th 2024

Scarborough/ Oakville

I was happy to deliver three classes today. The first a Bhagvatam class from Canto 4 highlighting the story of Puranjana, allegorically rich in themes. I recall the figurative story of the foolish king who beat the bull and injured him so. Three legs broken representing the legs of austerity, mercy and cleanliness with remaining the one standing leg of truthfulness. These metaphors add colour. 

Class two in Scarborough captured the theme of 2.64 of the Gita which is mercy or in Sanskrit prasada. It is something we did not earn but we received as a blessing. Count them all and you will realize how bountiful are these special benefits. Divine intervention in the form of this kindness occurs everywhere and at all times.  Class three was presented in Oakville, Toronto’s west side at I Gita on Speers Road and quoting from 9.26 of the Gita speaks about giving, even the smallest of items will do such as offering a leaf, a flower, fruit or water. 

For the two initiates, a couple, Ganapathy and Roshini, they think big and took that step towards the greatest giving - surrendering themselves in Krishna’s service. They accepted the names Ganga dasa and Rohini Shakti respectively. They are such an outstanding couple. 

There was meagre time for walking today but my driver Bhaktivinoda and I, managed to catch the tail end of the Toronto Iskcon’s Open House. God, it gets busy. I walked in the door and I was amazed to see all the shoes in the cubicles and out. 

2 km

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