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Friday, February 16th, 2024

Etobicoke, Ontario

When I was recently in the Gainesville, Florida area, a kind devotee, John Harson, handed me in hard copy some of his poems. I will share two of those short composition that are thought provoking enough. Thank you!

A Teacher

Looking for a teacher?

Look for the eyes of one

Who sees no race, gender or nationality.

Sees no religion or political party

Sees earth as Mother

Sees all beings as souls

Always Been

Mud is sling

Wars are fought

Such a waste of

What earth has brought

All comes down

To a foggy lens

That fails to see

What's always been.

– John Harson

While such words sound sweet in their rhyme it is not a bad idea to assimilate these concepts if you agree with them. And there is no criticism for the author.

When wisdom would come your way let us process them.

Uday and I took the subway to Etobicoke for a sangha, gathering at Nimai's place where them families came to hear about the subject of "family", being that it's a Family. Day weekend.

3 km

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