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Tuesday, December 26th, 2023

Ottawa, Ontario

Sreyas and I took to the Britannia Winter Trail which is edged by a wide section of the Ottawa River, and reveals the scenic Gatineau Hills in the distance. This very tame section of the trail has been engineered or man-made to offer a swirly and smooth coastal path. There are some good things that humans can do and also in the matter of using tax dollars wisely.


I mentioned to Sreyas, “We could be like beavers who change the landscape.”


We also noticed some folks walking on the slushy ice and were questioning whether it could hold the weight of some fairly large people, especially since temperatures are unusually high, now at 7 degrees celsius. But no, the river held its ground, or rather, ice. The pedestrians on ice were walking on water, in a sense, and making a swish, swish with their footsteps. 


Sreyas and I went to make a hospital visit to see his ninety-year-old dad, and then on to the home of Varun Gupta, who’s newly married. It was all lovely.


My return journey to Toronto was by Flix bus. It was so intolerably hot inside, like a five-hour sauna. Finally, upon arriving at Union Station, I reached the outside breathable air. I met a homeless guy and offered him the balance of my packaged dried fruit and nuts.


“Hey, I got four teeth (he demonstrated). Thanks, but no thanks. I can consume beer, though.”


“Can’t help you there! Hare Krishna!”


I made it home early enough to hit the bed, and address a sleep-deprived but joy-filled weekend.

4 km

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