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Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Neebing Park River Trail Is a 4.5-kilometre length that I took two. Pleasant, serene, away from traffic until you get to Arthur St. It is really not much of a river. The Neebing Is more the size of a Creek. Once I reached the trails end, I made a loop to amble along the other side, and there I spotted a black fox, so rare to be seen.

Fox are usually red. Some fox are bred as silver fox, and the mammal I saw is supposed to be in that category, but this beauty was clearly black with a white tail’s end. It was gorgeous. Prem Kishor, our coordinator for the Vedic Cultural Centre of ISKCON in Thunder Bay, tells me that it's a female and her kits come snooping around in the backyard at the edge of the Neebing.

These types of sightings put me in awe, and my appreciation for what the Creator does is enhanced. Like most of us, humans pass as boring entities, perhaps because they're always around. When a rare specimen such as a deeply coated dark fox is seen, it makes my day.

This particular animal gave me a blessing by its appearance on the very trail I walked on. It sat there for a minute or so, and as I approached this vulpes, the scientific name for a fox, I got my small wish to get closer to this fine creature.

In the last few days, coming out of festivals and being in a tight bus environment with loads of young people, I was compelled to wish for a change of sorts, so the trail and the black fox fulfilled the dream.

8 km

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