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Monday, June 12th, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Father's Day. For a category of people (fathers) who are underrated, here is my latest poem:


Papa, Pita, Pere, Padre, Vater –

Names that address the one we know as Father

The person who's the most kind to your Mother

Since childhood he is your hero like no other

The one to run to with his strong open arms

Hoisting you to greater heights when released from his palms

He offers you that fun bumpy horsey ride

And insists you take to the swing and the slide

To mount the tricycle, dribble the ball, strike with the bat

He listens to your woes over a good-hearted chat

When toys are needed he becomes the supplier

He works hard to be that able provider

He welcomes you to the wild, both harsh and tender

Exploring an exhilarating and raw adventure

A teacher, a guide, a coach, and cheerleader

When things go bitter his advice makes them sweeter

Through challenges he pushes to the very edge

Like a young bird's growth when it's about to fledge

A person of heart, a person of muscle

Making that difference with every little rustle

Those facial whiskers – something to notice

Are a symbol of greatness, a special bonus

He's a rooster, a bull, a buck, a drake

He'll be the first to save you when life is at stake

A maker, a fixer, a breaker, all in one

After that first round, it's a cycle until he's done

Dad will grow old and pass after all the care

Remember him as if he's sitting in his favourite chair

From being the seed giver to the dispenser of love

His dadication earns him many blessings from above

–Bhaktimarga Swami

8 km
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