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Saturday, March 9th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

Saturday is the day of mass influx of pilgrims. They are coming from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai much of India and also abroad. I don't know where they all stay overnight but they are up for the attractions. It begins with arati at 4.30am. That's devotion. Saturday evening is also the elephant procession. Ranguli colour arrangements decorate the walkways. Torches are lit up. Young men don turbans and dhotis. They drum. Some ride those beauty queens - the elephants, Vishnupriya and Laksmipriya by name. It is very astounding - the power of parade. It stuns.

While 12-hour Kirtan persists these days, another big attraction, our turn out for the drama persists. The attendance is consistent. Even swamis are coming. They can have fun too. One father with young daughter and her friend, come every night. "I can't keep them from this play. They insist. What can I do!"

I would agree that the standard we've reached dramatically is a bar raised. These actors have worked hard plus they are just talented. We are like a family. We stick together. When I get invited to something, I generally take the cast the crew with me.

Oh, and the Russians are coming. The Spaniards. The Chinese. Americans. Europeans. What a spread. All to see the show.

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