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Updated: Mar 23

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

243 Ave. Rd., Toronto

A package arrived just before the strike of noon. Sent from a distance Florida, through USPS the contents were special - a strand of japa meditation beads. They belong to a Deborah Lynn, a resident of Florida. The timely arrival of this paraphernalia was set for Deborah's initiation who through a zoom call with Floridian friends on board and where within seconds at 12 Noon I was to kickstart an initiation ceremony called diksha.

My God, Krishna works in mysterious ways with time. Deborah is a senior person and had not known how to operate a zoom, so swifty her well wishers put all that together in time to hear my message from the Gita, 7.5. She was happy to receive the name, Devahuti, the name after a famous Vedic Mom. Deborah (now Devahuti) asked who she was, so I explained that she championed the art of listening, in this case with her teacher being an outstanding avatar, Kapila, mentor of the philosophy Sankhya.

It was a brief but joyful ceremony without the sacred fire. We all departed on beautiful terms when I asked my assistant Nityananda to send back the package which Devahuti greatly awaits. In the meantime she is now officially a member of Iskcon, a Prabhupadanuga or Prabhupada follower.

That was a happy hour if ever there was one. The program was completed by 1pm and around 1.30pm the package left for Florida.

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