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Updated: Jan 6

Monday, January 1st, 2023

Avenue Road, Toronto

The calendar is a new one and the day is also fresh. I haven’t recalled the sun in glory for days. ‘Overcast’ is the word, but I imagine seeing the sun in people. Visitors are coming in for darshan (deity viewing) and ‘Govinda’s’ prasadam dining. With it being a holiday and there being a New Year’s sparkle in people’s hearts, attendance is big. They are not coming in like the pouring of molasses but more like water from a gorgeous spring.


Nicholas from London, Ontario, had stayed overnight and asked for service. I started with a “Yes! I can use a good receptionist here, but first let me search out some salt to throw out on the stairs and sidewalk. The overnight freeze created slippery ice.”


He volunteered, happily.


In this last week, I was blessed to conduct the morning classes, and now I’m flooded with people who come also with questions, for a new physical calendar, how to donate, and just in general how they can get more involved. By 1:00 p.m., I had to turn over the receptionist task to others. Both Nicholas and I had other service to attend to; more specifically I was bound to our drama practice for “Witness Gopal”. That rehearsal, as tough as it was, bore fruit. The performance was super fine. And this is something we do every January 1st — a drama, all in honour of our most amazing guru, Prabhupada.


I remained awake for the crowds from the a.m. to 11:00 p.m., getting down to essential services, right to getting to the last chair in place, and readjusting the pictures on the wall, and part of the major cleanup. This was after the crowds left.

4 km

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