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Thursday, January 5th, 2023

Mississauga, Ontario

It came to my attention through my meagre introspection that Krishna Consciousness is nothing but a caring culture—a caring for God, a caring for His environment, His creatures, you and me. All that exists is His, and so kindness must prevail in His world.


Caring, for me today, came in many forms. I was happy to receive a call from one of my students. He mentioned he had good news about marriage and a date preferred for the wedding. I was thrilled, of course, as I want to see our young folks settle down happily. I believe that I took care of the initial details. 


Another young man from our community asked about some assistance in the matter of looking for a partner and what else goes along with that. I explained that as a monk I don’t do matchmaking, but together we identified someone who could definitely help in this area.  I was happy for the obligation to care for his concern.



One of our elders is now weakening in his old age, and reached out as to how to shave with his sight deteriorating and his fragile grip, so I took the time to arrange for no more blades, but to secure an electric shaver and how to use it. I figured that it’s a service to an important person. 


There’s more caring that went on.


Then in the evening someone took care of me. Pusta Krishna had me come to his home in Mississauga for a meal and a Gita reading. I was exhausted after a full day of some form of caring, and on the ride back to my temple residence he just let me doze the whole time. Thank you! Take care!

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