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Thursday, October 12th, 2023

Burnaby, British Columbia

Our morning Bhagavatam sessions from Canto 10 have been interesting. Chapter 45 delves into the pastime of Krishna rescuing the son of his guru, but we are currently debriefing events leading to that heroic event such as the education Krishna went through as a youngster. Along with His brother, Balarama, 64 arts were taught to him and mastered within a nominal time. So, in our discussion, we had comments about today’s education for the young and impressionable. The dominant view on life has become very Marxist, leftist, atheistic, and quite extreme overall. It has become a concern for parents who cannot easily adapt to the communist overtones as well as the high level of liberalism. The philosophy of today has become self-centred and a derision from a wholesome sacrificial giving approach to life that the Vedas project.

With the alternatives such as home schooling, old values are encouraged. What are some of those values? For starters, respect for elders and for the supreme power, the Creator, and creation itself.

We are left with many things to wonder about in these sessions that discuss a comparative view on a tainted version of life verses the time-tested Vedic system.

My visit to Vancouver has been frequent as of late, and the current trip has come to an end. Flight 722 with WestJet was smooth. I was surrounded by passengers who were soccer players from Victoria on the west coast on their way to Halifax on the east end of the country. I talked to a team staff member. His men are all into the physical and mental work of living the dream of being a team. This is a good part of education.

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