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Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

243 Avenue Road, Toronto

Uday and I had planned a night walk; however, the weather became very unfavourable. You could say it was a type of slush coming down. There are few things that deter me from stepping outside but once in a while.

Uday came to my room in any event, and so did Navi. Both of them ran some simple errands for me and then I pondered on what we could do with extra free minutes – something fun, something transcendental. I reached out for a copy of the Gita that I keep hand. I brought it over to where Navi was sitting and asked him to close his eyes and pick a random page from the book; I told him that the verse he lands on will be a special message for him personally. His finger pointed to 18.43. Here is the translation:

"Heroism, power, determination, resourceful, courageous, generous, a leader." This was very interesting because Navi does have these martial leadership types of traits.

Then, as a follow up on Uday, we played the same experiment for him. With eyes shut, he leafed through the pages and stopped at 12.17, the chapter, "Devotional Service." Here is how it reads:

"One who neither rejoices nor grieves, neither laments nor desires, and who renounces both auspicious and inauspicious things – such a devotee is very dear to Me."

That quality of equanimity fairly well describes Uday's character, or the kind of direction he's going in.

Each of us on our own time looked out the window to ponder magic moments on what Krishna is remarking on an individual basis.

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