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Updated: Jun 15

Sunday, June 2nd 2024

Hamilton/ Niagara Falls

It's morning time, 6am, and I'm noticing that all those young folks sitting cross-legged chanting on their meditation beads might just like my proposal to get out for a stretch and continue with their japa meditation.

"How many of you would you like to go for a japa walk?"

Spontaneously, I'see about a dozen of them spring off their mats and head for shoes. There we are, touching nature, breathing the best air, into a park's green and having a piece of each other. And that's what a brief, less than an hour's walk will do, just to set at the tone of the day right.

Now what makes the rest of the day right? To me, the answer is simple. You have to infuse your 24 hours with bhakti devotion.

How did the rest of my day work out?

A helpful resident of our Toronto temple, Karuna Sindhu, drove me to Hamilton and to a yoga studio, run by Matt. In this city we highlight Kirtan. Since the inception of Hamilton's monthly programs three years ago, we experience steady sessions of chanting, refreshments and a few words of wisdom. That's all. There is no ritual and no formal class as of yet. It works. And you just insert the love and appreciation factor. Such bliss!

Niagara Falls was my next destination. Our local rep, Krishna Kala, took me to Fireman's Park. I am happy to see a growth in the community and the use of the large banquet hall. Here I gave a class on the Gita's round up - verse 18.65 about loving Krishna. So, my day was spent on this. June 2nd was a jam packed day of serious deliciousness in Krishna consciousness.

3 km

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Infuse the 24 hours with Bhakti devotion! Hare Krishna

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