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Thursday, June 27th 2024

Christie Pits, Toronto

I can't think of anything more important than expressing gratitude to those who have done something heroic, even the smallest thing. One of our senior members in his 70's arranged an appreciation lunch for a group of past fund raisers and steady donors for over the years. Keshava arranged for recipients to come, receive some thanks, some gifts and a nice meal for hard working services to the mission.

In my Gita zoom call today those who called in to partake in discussion from Chapter 18 verse 23, all agreed to a "Be Nice" homework assignment which simply entailed touching transcendence. In what way?

We are committed to seeing the good in others and by pass even an obvious negative and to just see the bright spot in those whom we interact with. At next week's call we will hear how the implementation went. Kind words and kind deeds was going to be our will.

Let's see what happens.

On my evening walk along Bloor Street I had various interactions with people. I was truly making that effort "to see the good" in others. One guy stopped when he saw me, and to be truthful, he was a bit snooty. "What are you?" he asked. So I told him of my monkism and my ready obligation to life and to people. His reaction, well, shall I say he was quite aloof.

When I sat at a bench at the Pits, a Jamacian man demonstrated his curiosity. "Are you with Buddha?"

"Actually - Krishna."

"But Buddha was first, wasn't he?"

"No Krishna came way before Buddha, Christ, Mohammed...."

He was a smoker, puffing away, but grateful we chatted. We saw the light in each other, I would say.

7 km

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1 Comment

Such a beautiful gratitude gathering, very inspiring!

Curious to see the outcome of the "Be nice" homework

Hare Krishna

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