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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Rosedale, Toronto

Although some people consider me a nomad, always travelling to somewhere, I’m actually rather grounded by having a home base. This permits me to see people repeatedly, and Wayne, a super artist, who lives up the street on Roxborough, is a regular. He wears this distinguished hat with a wide brim, so I can spot him from many metres away. He’s gone through about three different dog-pet reincarnations. What’s different now is he uses a walker to get around in the park. Still, he’s Wayne, a nice neighbour, who did my portrait once, which is beautiful. 


As a gift, I arranged for him a copy of The Saffron Path when I met him this morning, under a drizzle at Ramsden Park.


I will be seeing Wayne many more times during a morning trek.


Nicholas is another person who came by. He knows I’m rather stable in the Rosedale area. This is where I started my training for marathon walking. 


Nicholas was quite into Krishna Consciousness a few years ago, then went to study theology, working on a Masters at U of T. He came by after a surprise e-mail, letting me know he’s been around. His particular interest goes more toward the Christian Orthodox approach. We talked about the Jesus Prayer that stalwart followers cling to. He mentioned how for some, the prayer, beckoning for mercy, can take over the practitioner’s life, much like what the chanting of Hare Krishna does for serious people on mantra power. 


I thought that Nicholas lived in Panama, but for the last little bit, he’s still in Ontario. He knew where to find me. He’s still with Krishna.


Lastly, I and my walking companions stumbled upon a raccoon. I’ve probably seen him many times before. Who knows? There’s 30,000 of them in the city I call home. 


7 km

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Maharaja, Is Nicholas the gentleman who used to come and expertly mop the temple room floor and was always studying Sanskrit? He had a long pointed beard and glasses also.

Me gusta
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