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Thursday, December 7th, 2023

Mississauga, Ontario

Pradeep took me to see my dentist for a cleaning and a polishing. It is a once every four month routine and it is always a decent experience. I walk into the clinic (with straw in my teeth, not to be taken literally) with humility. My mind is a buzz with thoughts like, “Am I doing well with my dental care – brushing, flossing, tongue scrapping, night-guard care?”

And so like the mind that needs a purging through mantra, the teeth need the same kind of attention.

The dental assistant did a good job. She knows about HareKrishna and I gifted her with a book. During the cleaning process, however, despite that saliva sucker device being in my mouth most of the time, a lot of water was spewing out. I felt like I was dining on a Malaysian soup with the long slippery noodles – a bit of a splash.

Mission accomplished. I was set to go, received a notice for the next cleaning and my driver and I were on our way. For the return journey, Pradeep and I spoke about the cleaning of the mind. Basically, the mind is a bit of a rascal, if not a monster. It is very stubborn and does not wish to conform to a transformation of sorts. The Bhagavad Gita addresses the mind as enemy or friend. There is definitely a measure of schizophrenia in the mind’s behaviour and disposition. It is a tough dude to tame. 

We concluded that there is a need to keep up the endeavour of battling the mind and not giving it the freedom that it fights for.


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