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Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Yonge Street S., Toronto

What a blessing today was, like all days! I say that because I receive an affirmation almost every day. Today was no exception. My stomach confirmed that beet root and I just don’t get along. I love the flavour and the colour, but tummy-wise, it doesn’t work. The truth is simply underscored.

In preparation for my India trip which begins tomorrow, I was urged on to do some shopping. Another truth about myself is that I’m not fond of going out for selecting a purchase. But when it comes to acquiring something for our theatre production in India, I’m less inclined to

whine about such a pursuit. In fact, it can be fun. My visit to Theatrics Plus on Yonge St. was a bit of a search. I go there for props, costumes, or makeup. It is admittedly so, a fairly tacky place, but a fine Bengalis family that I know owns and runs it, always giving me a discount. After I perused their new location, I got my hands on a morph body suit all in black.

One of my actors, also a dancer, will be fitting into the full body tights portraying the role of a dancing Krishna. So, to such a purchase I usually duplicate and get a second item for safety’s sake.

What a victory the purchase was and also the walk!

My last real ‘feel good’ aspect of the day was the meeting, held in person and on Zoom, which was the review and ‘think tank’ session on the Chariot Fest. This event is growing so we need to repeat the good and correct the wrongs. Such is life. In the future I must stay away from that beetroot.


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