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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

Rosedale, Toronto

Plans are underway for the weekend's countryside outdoors. We call it the Vaishnava Annual Garden and Farm Workshop, and the fun will be garnished with our seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, and smelling senses. Presenters of bovine experience will be there at Gir Farms in Caledon. 10 a.m. on Saturday the 23rd is the opening of this fine show beginning with kirtan. Come one! Come all!

Last weekend I went to browse around the farm just to begin the preparation process. I couldn't resist taking a pic of a child standing by her family looking on at the gir bulls. I really liked the shot.

And, as part of preparations, I decided to hit the green (in other words, a walk in the park) at Ramsden Park. A young fit and thing looking chap passed by. He is from Punjab and comes to our temple to sit and read the Gita. Well, he turned around calling, "Prabhu! Prabhu!" which is a phrase of reverence. "Today is Gangapati's birthday," he continued. "Can you come to my place? My roommate and I just cooked for our deity. Please come and bless?" So I did, and partook in puri (bread) and aloo (potatoes). Just a little bit!

By the way, the fellow's name is Navi, and he and he decided to walk with me down the ravine along Mud Creek. It has been habit for me for decades now to introduce people to a forest bath. Navi was happy and told me of his two year ksatriya (warrior) training in an ashram in Himashal where you learn everything from kundalini to hunging in the wilds. I'm glad to have met him. He's taking to my words on bhakti.

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