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Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

The drums are rolling. The horns are sounding. There's great anticipation for a pompous celebration. Multitudes of pilgrims are lined up for a procession which carries with it a deity of Narsinghdeva, the avatar of half man/ half lion, everyone's favourite. This avatar stands for strength and protection, a need for all people in a precarious world.

Well, the pomp and circumstance, began with more than a bang, There were many bangs and an assortment of drum bands all in a march to the major TOVP temple. There, a major homa or havan took place. But the big catch after the fire ceremony, the homa, where all attendees got to see the new wing of the building. It is absolutely gorgeous. The colours, textures, the feel. All was serendipitous bringing us all to another era, another age of ancient times. All those who attended will admit it was grandiose and bring there invoked also a humility.

Much later in the day I strolled with Parama Karuna to the Gauranga Market and near one bead shop some boys were aligned sitting in a neat row, chanting the great mantra of deliverance. What motivated them to do so at the young age, I don't know but they were at an apex of innocent charm.

Overall the day was so full of beautiful optimism. It was the spirit of Prabhupada, who is behind all of this and we were all swimming in a special kind of mercy.

3 km

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