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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

Vrindavan, India

OUR KK SWAMI (Dedicated to Kadambha Kanana Swami)

Life was good when he was young

He then got wed, then became a monk

A man of the Dutch touch genre

In venturesome pursuit he found Chaitanya

Intelligent, musical, with so much talent

He also displayed a warrior's trait so valiant

Like most of us in the early days of the mission

Active responsibility was the only true vision

He became an admin at the Vrindavan temple

For cleaning up a ring of sin – nothing simple

He received a vengeful bullet in his back

Imagine the pain and sacrifice in taking such flack

He once told me he was a natural bloodhound

For any deviant whose philosophy was out–of–bounds

When put on a podium or set on a stage

He became a heart and brain shake-up sage

He was a tremendous success on many counts

A pure force, to illusion he would pounce

It didn't matter which country or continent

What he delivered had substance and content

A mobile swami for New York, India, Europe

And South Africa, so sweet, like thick, running syrup

He was persistent, determined, and all about giving

Convinced that loving God is the only way of living

There is no doubt that he gained incredible favour

From guru to Krishna and the regular neighbour

He is charging ahead to a greener pasture

After fighting cancer to meet his Master

For the sake of unity among the diverse

He made a contribution to a vast universe

We miss him for his candid consciousness

And appreciate the kindness he launched on us

–By Bhaktimarga Swami

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