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Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

Pelee Island, Gananoque

Cherie Dillon runs a butterfly sanctuary and teaching garden and is quite passionate in sharing her information on nature’s way of evolution from a caterpillar to a gorgeous butterfly. Krishna Kalam made his turn with the steering wheel in the driveway of the sanctuary when Cherie came out for an early morning breath. Arjuna, who was the other passenger in the vehicle, asked to go for a pee when Cherie responded, “Just go to the edge of the lot by the bushes. The acid will be good for attracting… [something or other - I couldn’t capture the words.].” Anyways, she seemed to know her stuff, and on our next year’s trip to the Island we can book a time for a learning lesson.

Yes, I hate to say that it is wrap up time, but whatever wonders this peaceful Pelee has to offer will be revisited in 2024 with a new group. By the east-side beach we huddled under a a low-hanging oak tree to chant for our beloved Prabhupada, and read about him from Shyamasundara’s fantastic book, Chasing Rhinos with the Swami. We then soaked in sun and water with our game of ‘hari ball’ and proceeded to our last lunch at the Airbnb to also reflect on our gains from the retreat. Everyone had a chance to speak and it was an overwhelming ’thumbs up’ for not only the food (prasadam), but the invaluable bonding. I would concur that the sangha (association) was priceless.

My last little piece of personal downtime was a trek to the old iconic lighthouse. I passed by a marsh of millions of lotus flowers, then by means of boardwalk and beach reached the rustic 200-year-old lighthouse edifice. Charming!

5 km

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