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Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

Central Park, Burnaby

Smart people go to the park. There are many gifts that you receive from the walk. There’s oxygen and hydrogen to be had from those trees. They offer colour fro the eyes. The diverse giants also present perfumes of varying kinds. If you extend your hand to reach a branch, you’ll feel texture like nothing else. The leaves, needles, and the bark are sacrificial. They are offering themselves.

And the sights, well, they are not computer-produced; they are nature born. Hadai and I spotted one tree on top of another. A dying one became the base for a new growth.

Then there is the air, wind, sunlight, and also cloud cover. This is a true forest bath. This is not just organic. It is magic.

I mentioned to some of our new managers at the day’s end, “You’ve got to add this to your regimen – a forest bath – daily.” I share this concept because it is the brightest time of the day. The best ideas come from the moments that you walk in wilderness.

Wherever there are trees, you find birds, squirrels, ponds, ducks, and geese. There’s no end to the presents you get on such a journey divine.

Watch that web – a spider’s macrame. It’s to look at, but not to touch. Watch your step. It could be wet. But hear the sound. The rhythm of the feet. It is percussion, soft or hard.

That one hour through Central Park was my time for entertainment and enlightenment. Parks are everywhere – choose one. They are there for your wellness.

8 km

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