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Saturday, September 30th, 2023

Moundsville, West Virginia

When I come to this holy place, New Vrindavan, there is never a problem to gather a small group to form a walking team around the pond for some japa meditation. It's a clockwise direction we take, and it is very calming and reassuring, especially when the understood rule of thumb is 'no talking'. Both men and women are involved. It goes for a half hour or so – not too long. I want people to repeat the program and to come back tomorrow.

New Vrindavan has 25 resident peacocks, some of which are albino. Lots of naturalness.

While sessions are going on for our MAN-tra presentations, I'm taking time, sacrificially, to prepare for the play, Witness Gopal. I had some of my old crew members on board, which is great, but I had to conscript two major players new to this dramatical piece. I had to forgo many things in order to get to as polished a performance as possible.

All went well. It is such a touching story about truth, about togetherness, and about cooperation and resolve. History is full of men at war. Here at the MAN-tra Retreat we are seeing men relishing each other, and observing intelligence and talent. There's a need to be together, and the need to be apart, between the genders.

3 km

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Nima Singh
Nima Singh
Oct 02, 2023

Hare Krishna

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