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Friday, June 7th 2024

Fredericton, New Brunswick

On the north side of the St. John River in Fredericton is another stretch of the expansive TransCanada Trail. My heart always warms to see a sign indicating that I am on that very long trail of 28,000 kilometres from coast to coast. In this city it is rails-to-trails piece, relatively flat; the way I liked it.

Vyas, Nityananda and I met super-friendly folks, to the exception of one young man on a bike, headphones and all, on a road rage. As for as he was concerned, we didn't exist, although we shared the same trail.

We also met a cat who was somewhat de-tailed and he wasn't a bobcat. This guy wanted to be petted, noticed and given some love.

The trees on either side were plenty and diverse species-wise. And cars? None, hence you can get your peace here.

A sangha was held at the Northfolk Motel. Sema, who looked after our brahmacharis for years, providing accommodation when they come through, just sold the business. Being Bengali, she ululated, along with a friend. It always heightens a kirtan when women make that sound.

One of the attendees is a psychiatrist from South Africa who sings a good bhajan and plays a smooth harmonium. Unique about this man by the name of Theo, is that he has a natural tilak mark from birth on his forehead. As soon as he walked in the door that birthmark was recognizable.

Many of the people who came are from different locations from India, diverse in a way, like the trees along the trail. It is all so wonderful, the walking, interacting, the singing, the teaching. All in Krishna's service.

5 km

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