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Sunday, January 29th, 2023

243 Avenue Road, Toronto

Off we go! Six of us on the way to Mother India where Father Dharma rules, or at least did so at one time. Who are we? Chris, Anya, Dhruva, Vya, Kunti, and I go up, up, and away in Air Canada for a stopover in Heathrow, bound for Mumbai and finally Kolkata.

2020 was my last visit to the place of the essence (dharma). I am blessed to have this company that I’m in. At our waiting gate our crew of six grabbed a final bit to eat and then engaged in our reading of the script, Witness Gopal, a way to get familiar to a story of promises, love, hate, devotion, the truth. Not the whole crew was aware of the story, but now they most definitely are.

On a day like today there are last minute duties and phone calls to answer. I’m reminded of our guru, Prabhupada, and how he flew a dozen times around the globe while in his 70s, and all with the intent to share the great wealth of human joy, the spiritual side.

That is what India is known for – the human joy, an obligation to serve all that is around you.

I will miss the temple’s Sunday Open House which includes the feast that has drawn people for decades now. Flying to India with some nice folks compensates for the loss of mingling with the congregants. Basically, we should be content with wherever we are given.

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