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Updated: Mar 9

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

This fine day started off with initiations at the grounds of the international school of Mayapura, SMIS. In this outdoor natural setting 9 candidates from Kolkata sat in by the fire pit ceremoniously called a havan, took their vows of abstaining from eating meat, gambling, intoxication but more positively agreeing to chanting japa daily and partaking in family planning.

The day-to-day mentor for these wonderful people is Suta Goswami, my student, and he arranged the whole set up. I am more or less the blesser of these people taking an official role as diksha guru.

Kamalakar received his second initiation.

For the record I'll list the names of these gracious people and their new Sanskrit names.

Shyamal Kanti - Sudarshan Krishna Das

Puspabati - Prameshwari Radika Dasi

Sangita - Shyam Priya Dasi

Pratima - Parama Radhika Dasi

Nupur - Nanda Priya Dasi

Sabita - Sita Dasi

Sibdas - Sri Advaita Acharya Das

Kanika - Krishna Priya Dasi

Kanti - Krishna Dasi

My congratulations to these folks of golden hearts.

Many activities continue to roll out of Mayapura. A major abhisheka or bathing ceremony for the Pancha Tattva, five features of the Supreme Godhead.

As I walk about in this rather crowded day being Sunday, I do get recognized and asked, "What is this year's drama and when is it?" I say, "Please pull out your phone and take a shot of our poster from my phone."

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