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Wednesday, June 26th 2024

Burnaby, British Columbia

A kind Brhat Mrdunga, a Dutch Canadian farmer boy, took me down a familiar road, a trail I've blazed more than once - Highway 1, all way to Burnaby before launching off to Toronto. This route is always scenic and yet the scenery makes changes. There are the mighty rivers, the Thompson and the Fraser narrowed within mountains.

Since my last trek down this lane erosion has shifted soil bringing down rocks and trees. Some of the buildings, the Alexandria Lodge are deteriorating, as well the group of mustard yellow cabins in the area. The Alexandria Bridge, built a century ago, is under repair. The town of Boston Bar is its usual sleepy self. And the town of Lyton devastated by past forest fires is trying to make a grim comeback. Things change but the raw elements that make and shape forms always remain.

Back now to Burnaby and the location of the temple, excited devotees were awaiting us with smiles, garlands, cheers and meals including mash potatoes. I shared the fresh strawberries freshly picked from the good soil at Saranagati Village. It is a real plus to sink teeth into the genuine juicy edibles. I had three good hours to lean into bhakti before embarking on a red -eye flight back to central Canada and to the shining of the sun.

4 km

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