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Saturday, August 19th, 2023

Ste. Matthieu du Parc, Quebec

What is a sangha really all about? It has everything to do with brotherhood, sisterhood – family. It appears that this weekend’s program has succeeded in establishing a bonding between some really great people.

In addition to the seminars presented at the meditation hall, there was an organized kirtan scheduled in town, yet rains came that really deterred outdoor events. Yet, one local woman had arranged something called “Evolution” which drew a group of free-spirited people to a beautiful lot. Not all the folks knew English that well, but could comprehend bhakti, especially through the channel of dance, trance, and chants.

The first two practices we covered. The trance portion we were a little shy of…. Oh, we were a happy bunch splattering in the mud under a tarp In our jovial effort to dance as water was persistently coming down. Thanks to the djembe, a beat was heard and maintained. That drum seems to transcend dampness. Many thanks to Krsna Dulal, the main man behind the weekend‘s success.

Today we also celebrated the birthday of Krsnadasa Kaviraja, a god-brother. He and I travelled together in our younger years for the mission and in the mood to share wisdom and love to those conditioned.

Who is conditioned by desire and modes of nature? We all are, and therefore, we all indulge in this type of cultural experience of the “Vaishnava Sangha.”

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