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Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

Cherry Beach, Toronto

A group of us pre-arranged a dawn visit to cherry beach for a thrill. A dip in the shiny waters of Lake Ontario was novel for the rest at this hour, but nostalgic for me. In my earlier years as a novice monk, a companion or two (whoever was available) travelled by wheels to different parts of the country on behalf of the mission to share conscious living, and in the early spring, summer, autumn hours, our shower was the lake or river.

For this morning, friends, twenty of us, braved the waters as Surya peeked up over the eastern sky. It was magical for all of us. Our purpose was not to bathe only the body, but also the soul. It was within the waters, waist deep, that we chanted the praises of guru and God. That was special. We were seemingly alone in the water while the beach appeared devoid of human activity. But then, runners, cyclists on land, and boat rowers, came quietly into the picture greeting the welcoming sun as we were. Part two of this com was a more frivolous sport with a volleyball, followed by a japa walk, and then at a clearing in the forest of incredible diversity, we sat for the Bhagavatam reflection.

It was all precious.

A second dose of preciousness occurred at the Toronto General Hospital. I was set for an appointment at the vascular department, just a test. Since an unusual vertigo experience in Halifax in May, my doctor advised that I get some checkups. Testing was done on the 6th floor. Everything was good at the testing around the neck. That's why I call it precious.

7 km

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