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Monday, January 22nd, 2024

La Cuevas, Trinidad

Now there isn’t actually anything wrong with a sadhu, or holy man, going to the beach. As long as that person, in my case, a monk, keeps to his self-disciplines and the intent is good.


Every year that I’ve come to Trinidad, it has become an annual event to go to the oceanside with the community to meet those waves, feel the sand and sun, and have that fun. We swim, we play, we eat, we talk again after opening a Prabhupada book, then we laugh, and we go for a second dip. We’ve bonded. 


And we got tired. But it is a good fatigue. 


One does have to take this yearly program with some caution though. The sand flies are voracious and the water waves can get high. The lifeguards know their stuff and they whistle when they observe the more threatening currents. So we must obey.


It’s been years since having this outing which I’ve shared with my good friends, Guru Prasad Swami, Agnidev, and others. It seems the world loves the outdoors, and being by the cliffs, and by the ocean, with fresh sea-air hitting our faces. 


Some of us were reminded of Ram’s meeting the samudra, the ocean, at India’s south side, and how He made an appeal for co-operation, a way to cross to Lanka. He was communicating in a very powerful way and even got angry. 


After some connection with nature at Trinidad’s north shore of wonder, we drove back to Longdenville and dealt with man’s creation—traffic and slow traffic. Yet I and the members of the Krishna devotees from the urban life, keep in our hearts the beauty of nature and each other. 


May the Source be with you!  Lots of splashes! 

? km - Lots of splashes

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