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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Saturday, February 4th, 2023

Mayapura, West Bengal, India

Keshava was kind to look at the cracked bridge of my teeth at the hospital dental clinic. There’s definitely something there, so we are planning for a replacement. While there, I went for a guided tour through the local hospital which took on an enhanced importance during the covid outbreaks. An additional wing to this medical facility is underway, so this is most encouraging for the health needs of the community.

Our group also had the pleasure to see the inside of the Mayapura Institute designed for educational purposes. The stately building with white dusty rose colouration is quite the initiative led by an Orissan monk, Padmanayan. The building sits on an eleven-acre plot of land, very serene and clean. They grow their own veggies which are tasty indeed.

Being that it is the weekend, pilgrims are pouring in like crazy. It is nice to see that a place like Mayapura, which stands for spirituality and a high order of morality, is drawing the crowds. Where do you find a place with a large campus where there’s no cigarette sales, no alcohol, no elements of pop culture, and just clean stuff?

I do believe that a greater effort can be made to promote food free from the fry and less sugar and fewer chillies. They do a pretty good job, but we can always tweak anything we attempt. Improvement is bhakti. Tweaking is forever.

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