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Monday, November 27th, 2023

The Annex, Toronto

Uday, Navi and I went for that evening walk for a visit to Vallabha Hari, who’s working on a speech/interview on the topic of Diwali. We passed by a captivating sculptor piece of a homeless, dying person. It is making a strong statement as to where people are situated in an urban despair. While I’m taken by the wonderful artistic craftsmanship in the victim’s pose and the marvellous rendering of the blanket’s folds and ripples, it does invoke a heart pulling. There is a need here to pay attention to today’s social condition. It says, “We are not doing well."

I am assuming it is the Church of the Redeemer, located at Bloor and Ave. Rd. that has sponsored the sculpture (we did not stop to check out the name – in a hurry) as a way to convey that a beat-down human does have a chance through spirituality. But for some, food and shelter are the immediate need. 

I sometimes wonder if my home organisation ISKCON is doing enough to help alleviate the problem. There were the early days when the first takers to Bhakti Yoga, us, were poor. We practically ate cabbage for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, with the sincere efforts of our pioneer pilgrims, we eat well – sometimes too well.

I took a photo of our illustrious Dwarkanath, our happy and angelic cook, enjoying a big plate of sacred prasadam. He eats modestly and is deserving of every morsel.

A question remains. Are the numbers of our Food for Life recipients satisfactory? Are we doing enough?

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