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Sunday, August 27th, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia


At the Science World we did gather

And took a strike right at her

This illusion, maya, who is not

Received a black eye, yes, she got

We ripped through the condo town

From the street I took a look around

Chanters blocked, so I peered up

Yes, my eyes then veered up

And viewed the people from the balcony

Do they approve of our modality?

There were drum beats, loud voices galore

For some it's a bore, others a score

Religious stuff, forget it!

Free fun, let's give it some credit

We live in a world, thumbs up to science

For the spirit, there must be silence

Yet happy we were, it was obvious

So then, the spirit can't be notorious

Think again, my friend, on the validity

In the life of bhakti fluidity

It must be taken into account

The Happy Faces you cannot discount

The Three of Them just leading us

In a mutual mindset of 'needing us'

Under the intense and brutal sun

The procession was done but not the fun

We mingled and overall we hugged

Through eyes and arms we snugged

People were eating after the lineups

To Jagannatha we did our signups

Met a man whose name is Nicholaas

Sincere he is, to heart it tickles us

Bless him, bless her, bless them

At an event that's an absolute gem

4 km

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