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Friday, April 5th, 2024


A health authority came over to do a blood test. It entailed a prick of my right ring finger so she now hug my sample and I will hear about the results. This is a standard routine or procedure for those who are visitors to the Island. 

It was the first day for student holidays and hence a few more young folks joined us at Belle Mare for Kirtan, brunch and fun. Our Krishna army is growing. Also for the evening sangha chanting was held in the village of Lalmati at the home of Rasamrta. Being out day for ekadasi, a grainless meal was served, comprised of breadfruit, cassava, potato curry, green banana chips, butternut squash soup and quinoa. 

My goodness!

The chanting was a session of true arousement. Djembe and mrdunga playing was in a synchronized way. The tune was from the early 80’s made popular by singer Vayasaki. When it came to the evening’s talk I swept on certain standard for Kirtan, the message being, “Let’s get familiar with the chanting preferences of our guru, Serial Prabhupada.” Now, I have heard in more than one household since coming to Mauritius, a recording going around of a popular bhajan song which starts off like so: Bhajan mana radhe govinda. I imagine to the ears of some people it’s catchy. It’s new or fresh sounding. Perhaps the recording came from a public venue and as an outreach this song, not taught by our teachers, will infiltrate into the Kirtan scene. We need to be cautious of these things. 

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