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Wednesday, February 7th, 2024


As I stepped out the door at 6am in the dark I could sense the nearby owl, to be heard and not seen. A good start.

Chaitanya Charan has been assisting me in such a nice way. For the morning stint he will drive ahead, park at an intersection, walk towards me till we meet and proceed to his vehicle, then repeat this type of leap-frog method. Finally we end up at the temple.

Today is different at the temple. There is a host of students from the local bhakti school and they have are packed in the room. They have what is called "Worship Wednesday", so it is special. My challenge as the class giver is to keep these younglings attentive - age 6 to 15. Okay, so let's read the purport by allowing fill-in-the-blank. It works. Furthermore, I thought to keep it interactive by asking questions and stick to the fun topic of the three energies, the three modes of nature. That works too. End result - no sleeping. Laughter, yes.

I had the good fortune to spend some more time with youthful energy. Our dear Manorama, a youth minister, along with school teacher, Jaya Radhe, hosts young teens every Wednesday night for Gita discussion. I was there as a guest to contribute to chats about Krishna's amazing virat rupa, comic display. Also quite exhilarating was an hour chat with the single men in their ashram. They are in a special category and age group ranging from mid 20's to 50's. They really seem to thrive int heir life of learning and simplicity. Today, I got around.

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