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Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Yorkville, Toronto

Vallabh Hari has been most kind to me since my second knee surgery a year ago. Recently, he got married to Katie in Vrindavan, India. I had the good fortune to be at that beautiful wedding. Apart from assisting me in residence at the Ave. Rd. ashram, he has been conducting the early 4:30 am temple program. He has been the mainstay at that auspicious time prior to dawn.

He also has been a good walking companion in the neighbourhood of the ashram. Even this morning we ventured off through the quiet streets before the mode of passion sets in. We just turned a corner from ashram, when a neighbour with a helmet pulled out his speed bike, recognized us form the holy place nearby, and gave us the warmest greeting.

“Well, good morning!” Looks like work starts early for him. “I just wanted to say to you that I appreciate your food so much. I come once a week to Govinda’s for takeout. When I’m stressed, I know I can sit down in your tranquil temple room and just relax. But I just want to make sure that no developer will come and replace it for a big condo complex.”

“Thanks for your compliments. As far as developers are concerned, they tried that, but over my dead body,” I said. He was happy to hear that. He went on to say that our Krishna centre was just such a special place in the area.

Vallabh and I just felt a great boost hearing the words from a neighbour who spoke out his optimistic heart.

Here's a video of helpful Vallabh and I:

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