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Sunday, December 10th, 2023


Since my return from Cuba, I’ve been finding discomfort in the tummy area. According to one of my medical consultants, it could be a parasite. From another nurse acquaintance, the recommendation was, “Get Pepto Bismol.” God I hadn’t taken that stuff in 60 years. “And if I happen to spill any drops of the pink stuff, it’s okay. It will just merge with my cloth.” That was something that caused a knee slapping sensation. I could hear it over the phone.

Despite the unpleasant nature, Nimai Nitai and I forged ahead on Today’s journey. To begin, we sat with our benefactor, the motel wonder, who gave us each a room for the evening./ He is a genuine Patel running a Patel Motel. A light breakfast did it, however, only a banana, keeping in mind my sensitive stomach.

Our next destination was Huntsville where we were seeing the finishing touches to the Main Street project with a temple, restaurant, and single residential units. Very impressive! A first class job is rendered here and the contractor in charge took us to each floor and room. I can’t wait for the ribbon cutting ceremony. This will be an ideal Krishna Conscious centre.

When arriving at our Avenue Road, Toronto Centre, I was poised for our part 2 of Kirtan Guidelines, addressing such things as high decibel level chanting, the importance of dancing during kirtan and also the option of ululating, usually a women’s domain.

4 km

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