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Monday, November 13th, 2023


It was an unusual delay, a one hour late departure on VIA Rail. Fortunately, the fairly long six hour motion on the tracks appeared short due to having a great companion next to me. Originally from Nova Scotia, Scott Jack retired recently from his work in London, Ontario, at age about 50, and is preparing for an excursion holiday with his 29 year old son. It’s a walk and on the old Hadrian’s Wall in the U.K. It was constructed by the Romans, a UNESCO site.

Naturally we got to talking about walking. I was impressed with him first when he was reading a book on the plant life they will expect to see on their pilgrimage. I’m not sure if that word “pilgrimage” is totally accurate. Scott declares himself as a Marxist breed, but I can clearly confirm he’s probably more of a realist/spiritualist than some fanatical/religion conformist. We were talking and as we did we grew in our reverence towards each other.

By the way, Scott is a vegan and that claim or passion doesn’t bar him from the beer he was downing. I don’t hold it against him. He’s a decent guy, someone who’s an adventurist and an intellectual. He wasn’t sure how to peg me. Buddhist?

“No! Krishna monk!”

“Oh, I get it, Krishna, like in the movie Airport.”

I had that extra copy of The Saffron Path and offered it to him to prepared for his trip.

The train stopped. My ride, Karuna Sindhu, was waiting. The Govardhan Puja was about to begin in the Toronto temple. It was time to get de-trained and hop onto the festival not to be missed.

7 km

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