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Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

Burnaby, British Columbia

Hallowe’en is approaching – that creepy and ghoulish time of the year. At least, in North America the hype or craze of this more tamasic custom is practically ranked as no. 2 in the list of favourite celebrations, leaving the sweeter events like Easter bunnies to trail way behind. Hallowe’en is challenging the whole Christmas Yuletide celebrations as far as participation is concerned. For our community, festivals such as Govardhana Puja and Diwali, the festival of lights, preoccupy us.

With all the promotion on scariness, the younger and more impressionable amongst us black cats and wicked witches dominate, and I am sure that my walks at night could easily spook some young people. I know it’s happening, particularly when there’s a breeze. There’s a tendency for the dhoti, my lower garment, to be flung in the air, and when headlights glare at moving fabric, the colour comes across as whitish and may look like I’m floating and without legs.

On Marine Drive, I know that I caused uneasiness with a group of three Asian women at a bus stop who saw the oncoming ghost. They were relieved when i got close. They threw a smile and said, “Hare Krishna!” To offer a bit of grounding, maybe comfort, as well. It doesn’t help, though, with the October chill that one’s breath can be seen as one ambles along the way.

I will stick to our more satvic celebrations, as opposed to the darker side of cultural displays. I will emphasize more Vedic mantras over ‘Happy Hallowe’en!’

“Happy Hare Being!”

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