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Sunday, May 28th, 2023


In both cities, Edmonton and Calgary, at the Radha Govinda Cultural Centre and Radha Madhava Cultural Centre respectively, the attendance was not what I expected. Post COVID era (A.C. if you want to call it) is seeing the floodgates opening up with people. Edmonton's Sunday program commences at 10:30 AM, and I would say that the turnout of congregants was the smallest I've seen, though the kirtan was lively. Of course, I personally get super excited when someone beats on a djembe while respecting the Indian mridanga players.

Once the program completed in Edmonton, with practically all copies I brought of The Saffron Path sold, I headed off to the other Alberta city, Calgary, with family Sugosh, Subhadra, and Satyavrata (the three Ss) from Red Deer. And there we found a temple room packed bursting at the seams. They are nearing 100 Sunday school students. As is experienced, the migration of people to Canada comprised of mostly young families from India and international students, are filling our facility.

It is encouraging to note that due to cramped quarters, a new temple is inevitable. Two million dollars in pledges is secured for a projected mandir In the suburbs. So, that's great! I was also tickled pink to meet the journalist I met in ‘96 on my first walk while I was in Calgary. Diti Chakravarty Took that iconic photo when I walked along the green Prairie landscape with a paraglider drifting in the night sky behind me. I often wondered how Dipti is doing with the assumption that she had retired from work at the Calgary Herald. Well, I'm glad she came with that news clipping and photo.

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