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Saturday, December 16th, 2023

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Paul had just arrived from Texas the day before and stayed at an overnight hostel not too far from the Pink Hotel (remember Joni Mitchel’s song - they paved paradise?). Paul saw our little set up by a banyan tree and came over.

I had been walking, trying to get grounded-up. When I saw you guys and heard you, I thought I would join your drum circle and bring my vibes up.” I welcomed Paul to sit next to me and hewas good to stay with our Kirtan for the full two hours. Good for him. We all woshed him well and hoped to see him at the following day’s Sunday Feast. 

From that location at Waiki, our group drove off to Church of the Crossroads, a facility that our dear Prabhupada attended in /72 at their tea café. What an honour to be here. The room we occupied was spacious, set up like a banquet hall with round tables and accompanying chairs. 

It was an evening of cultural experience. Our young Ka’imi opened up with sweet guitar while I took the lead in a simple melody of the maha mantra. Then my talk commences on glories of introspective walking, further reminiscences of padayatra festival. 

Three Bharat Natyam dances enacted their stories of Krishna with excellent footwork. The last agenda was food-prasadam. Everyone was pleased with the good vibes of the program. Swami Ashram was happy. Me too. I think everyone there became “grounded-up” as expressed in the words of Paul.

5 km

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