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Saturday, June 29th 2024

Huntsville, Ontario

In this touristy town an annual event of fun and fantastical qualities is held by the Rotary Club. It is called the Dockfest and it involves a a bathtub race. I was made one of the judges for presentations in the parade. Our panel of judges consisted of Emily and I and one more person who couldn't make it. We were to rate the best float with a bath tub attached to it. There were 33 contestants represented by local businesses. The winner for such a prestigious post was JJ's Dance Studio.

Now, one may ask why a monk has anything to do with something so mundane? The answer is that I belong to a mission that reaches out to people with the intent to boost the heart with a conscious change.

At the VIP tent on the dock where I and four other devotees were invited to be protected from the drizzle a nice volunteer greeted and asked if we wanted anything to drink. "I have wine, red or white, beer, lemonade...".

"I'll be happy with the lemonade," I said.

It was rather fun to see the community of Huntsville come together for the bath tub races and watching contestants rev up with motors attached, going through obstacle courses. And we, Vaishnavas, were trying to blend into the multicultural mosaic that Canadians and North Americans are known for.

Many attendees accept us and know and have visited out temple and restaurant. As put in the words of Len, one of the Rotarians, "We really want to promote inclusivity!"

Yes indeed. We want to make friends.

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