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Sunday March 17th, 2024

Noida, India

In a spiritual culture you can surely expect blessings in great number. You will lose count of them because they are numerous even if you have a registering type of mind. Today's blessing came in the form of a visiting monk and his name is Devamrta Swami, an Afro American devotee of the Hare Krishna Movement.

He came into the temple hall while Kirtan was going on. Naturally it created some excitement as he made his way to the vyasasan, the exalted seat for the teacher of the Gita or the Bhagavatam, but Sunday is the day for the teachings of Chaitanya. From the book Chaitanya Charitamrta, the Swami spoke on the pastime where Chaitanya was in Benaras and met a proud swami of the Mayavad school, a brand of the monistic philosophy. This particular brand of spirituality believe the bhakti yogis are sentimentalists or fantatics who chant and dance frequently.

Anyways the Swami's delivery was very good, as usual. He also came to see our last performance of "The Age of Kali" in India. Devamrta really was riveted. "First class," he said, "especially the dancers."

Our troupe was treated to a preview of a film to be released in May about the Lion Avatar - an animation. Mind blowing! Our last supper was chow mein and pizza. Much appreciated. A blessing of a special kind. Two or more blessings came our way today. Those were the big ones and then there's the small ones. It all adds up.

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Mar 21

Why are blogs always about 4 days behind or late maharaj?😀🙏 Haribol.

We want instant blogs like instant gratification.

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