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Monday, February 5th, 2024

Alachua, Florida

Ram is an expert massage therapist and on most occasions when I visit the Gainesville/ Alachua area, he works on me from head to toe. It has been perhaps 5 years since he worked on me so it was a happy occasion for me that he took the opportunity to be sponsored by my host, Ananta Sesa. I let Ram know that i am a big slab of chappati dough and to knead me till pliable. With all the plane rides, car rides and never enough walking I appreciated him working on pressure points and relieving tension. 

Three great souls came for lunch which included the organic broccoli I harvested from the backyard so carefully tended by Amouta's wife, Vaishnavi. My dear favourite, Acyutananda, as well as Pundarik and Bhadra, all relished the great meal. Acyutananda was originally from Brooklyn, authored a book, "Blazing Sadhus" which is absolutely hilarious. Back in the early 70's he had recorded the best ever songs written by the acharyas of the past. He speaks fluent Bengali and sang those songs or bhajans with the perfect traditional melodies. No one since then has matched his quality of pronunciation. Those recordings are precious. 

The morning was spent at Krishna House for a class on one of the most iconic walkers from the Mahabharat epic. The evening was time for kirtan, lasagna prasad and a Gita class, a merger with my Halifax and east coast group with 5 families from Alachua which included my good friends, a brother team of Decala and Prahlad, great at the mridunga drums. 

4 km

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