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Friday, April 28th, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio

Thanks to one of the Bhakti Academy members, Nikil, I arrived at the Toronto Airport in a timely manner. Gate F86 was my waiting area for a flight to Cleveland. Across from me was a young man meticulously applying black nail polish to his fingertips. It was hard not to notice, but I make no major judgement on it. I’m just grateful to be able to embrace my fingers to my japa beads while chanting the great maha mantra.

The clouds were thick on the one-hour journey, and once the fog cleared, I could see a glorious green below. Spring springs about three days earlier in Ohio, then southern Ontario.

To meet me at the terminal was Kaustubha, a medical assistant at the hospital, and also my host while in Ohio. We drove to Hudson and a high-end neighbourhood. The sangha we attended was conducted by a sweet South Indian family headed by Patita Pavana. He asked my preference, “Chanting and class first, or eating first?”

“For time-honoured digestive purposes, can we eat first, please? That’s the usual way that works for these evening programs.”

He was cool with it. Then came the kirtan and then came the talk, but it was more about a Q&A session. “What is on your mind, really? Philosophically? Anything?”

“Why just Krishna and why only Him when you consider there are so many popular avatars?” came first.

I answered, “It is not only Him. There is Krishna. There is Rama. There is Radha. They are all in the maha mantra. And there are more… And why not Krishna as the prime one. He gives us the wisdom, as in the Gita. Amongst the gods, He is the charmer. The musician. The warrior. The All in One. “

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