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Saturday, February 10th, 2024

Tampa, Sarasota

Ek, Subhal and I took that nice airy walk and along our foot bath we sighted a mom and pop osprey perched on the nested platform atop a hydro pole. They both are engaged in feeding of their young. Apparently the father goes for a catch of fish, offers it to her while she goes off to eat the meal while he sits on the eggs. That's their practice, but our feathered family were showing off their babies and keeping that watchful eye on them. So the parents took turns soaring and perching. It was nice to see. All the traffic whizzing by on the road just couldn't see what we could. Poor motorists. They're just too fast.

We also had our meal, at least the two guys did. I skip breakfast when I can. From Tampa Subhal drove me to a house-hold of many guests. Sure, I spoke, as usual, and led the class, this time on the power of chanting. The crowd was from India, the north, south, east and west, all settled in the U.S. There were however, two people off of the India grid. Rain who is great on the drum, her African roots. And Arjuna is Latino. Easterners, westerners. We are all beasts.

My second visit today was in Sarasota at an inter-denomination facility. Like last night it was more of the yoga crowd which is great. I could consider them Vedic folks. One of the yoga teachers that came led the Kirtan. Her melodies were sweet and easy to follow which is something that doesn't always happen for leaders of the Kirtan or chanting service.

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