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Updated: Apr 12

Saturday, April 6th, 2024

Bon Accueil, Mauritius

It was the first appearance of stars and moon since on the Island. It was a beautiful change. The sunrise was real. Water was relatively still, the calmest of folding water lapped onto the sand. It was magical. Peace prevailed. 

We walked, chanted, swam, and then drove to Bon Accueil for a treat at the Krishna Balarama Temple. Darshan viewing was beautiful and consistent with the nature we just captured. I was blessed to speak from the book Bhagvatam where the purport addresses flaws in the government systems. Thank you, Prabhupada, for pointing out the obvious wrongs in a world that hugs greed instead of the embrace with grace. 

On another section of the Island, more north, we drove to the residence of Arjuna, a direct discipline of Prabhupada, making us godbrothers. Arjuna is a born Mauritian and has lots of colour to share of his past. He took me to a typical first trial in his neighbourhood. Green magic!

By evening Kala, Akilananda, Devonath and I drove again to another residence, this time to Jnana Shakti’s home where many joined in the fun of chanting. The Kirtan was a Bhakti blast. Very intense. At talk time we deliberated on our dear guru, Prabhupada. I shared what I could of my impression of him. I was the only person in the packed house who could claim to be a confirmed disciple of his. This position gives you celebrity status these days. The first devotees or first gen, are passing away and by 2040 we are all likely to be expired. 

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